• 5 th  Global Vertical Farming Show

  • 10th & 11th September, 2024

  • Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE

  • 10th & 11th September, 2024

  • Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE.

Join Middle East's Largest & Only
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Your Go-To Event Connecting Entire Vertical Farming Value Chain

10th & 11th September, 2024

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE

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5th Global Vertical Farming Show - GVF 2024 DUBAI

The theme of the 5th Edition of the Global Vertical Farming Show in Dubai is aimed at Transforming Food Systems to achieve better nutrition, enhance Food Security and improve climate change outcomes - via vertical farming integration in Agriculture.

The Global Vertical Farming Show, a highly successful annual event that brings together experts, investors, growers and leaders in the vertical farming space from across the globe. The event will serve as a platform for showcasing services & solutions and discussing latest trends, ideas & innovations in the field of control environment agriculture and its potential to transform the future of agriculture. As the largest vertical farming event in the Middle East, this is a go-to event to explore the market, establish your brand and kickstart strategic partnerships over two power-packed networking days.

The region's biggest and ONLY exclusive Vertical Farming Event.

Vertical farming is increasingly critical in accelerating food production, maintaining high-quality crops, and contributing to sustainable urban farming, playing a crucial role in enhancing food security worldwide. The growing interest in vertical farming worldwide is evident, with massive facilities already in operation in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, and new projects being announced regularly. The Middle East is a leader in this field, with the world's largest Vertical Farm, ECO 1 by Bustanica, opened last year through a joint venture between Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering and policymakers truly supporting the recent developments.

Why Attend GVF 2024?

  • Brands get a chance to have one-on-one meetings with your target audience.

  • Promote your offerings to leading vertical farming organisations across the globe.

  • Promote your product, services during prime conference sessions.

  • Exceptional branding opportunities before, during & post events.

GVF 2024
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Vertical Farming companies & solution providers attending from 00 + countries.

Vertical Farming Opportunities in the Middle East !

The Middle East is unquestionably leading the way in this space, with the world's largest Vertical Farm, ECO 1 by Bustanica (a joint venture between Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering), which opened in 2022. Additionally, Aerofarm AGX - the largest indoor vertical farm of its kind for research and development in the world was opened earlier in 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

These are just some of the notable examples from the region.

With the region booming and offering exceptional growth opportunities, how can we not assist you in expanding there? If there was any choice for us - the Middle East has to be at the top!

Most importantly!

The Middle Eastern government recognises the importance of AgTech in achieving food security goals and official backing paves the way. It has always been up to foreign investment to develop the vertical farming sector in the next few years—which opens up tremendous economic prospects for YOU.


  • Vertical Farming Systems
  • Hydroponics Systems
  • Aquaponics Systems
  • Aeroponics Systems
  • Lighting Solutions (LED Grow Lights)
  • Climate Control and HVAC Systems
  • Data Analytics for Agriculture
  • Crop Genetics
  • Pest Management Solutions
  • Nutrient Solutions and Fertilizers
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Software and Automation
  • Consultancies and Services
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Water Management Systems
  • Greenhouse Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Vertical Farming Container Solutions
  • Substrates and Growing Mediums
  • Plant Health Monitoring Tech
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Vertical Farming R&D Institutions
  • Financing and Investment Services
  • Robotics & AI
  • Vertical Farming Racks and Structures
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