Vertical Farming - The Future of Agriculture

Vertical Farming is becoming critically important in increasing food production, maintaining high quality crops and contributing to sustainable urban farming and hence playing an important role in increasing food security worldwide. The global vertical farming market size is projected to reach USD 17.59 billion by 2028. The increasing technological advancements have allowed improved efficacies and enhanced output that is projected to boost the product's demand in the forthcoming years.

Global vertical farming & urban agriculture show 2021 – Virtual Connect is a trailblazing event that will accentuate the global vertical farming sector and present international companies an unparalleled way to explore the huge business potential worldwide.

During the ongoing pandemic, vertical farming has shown an exceptional growth as the demand for locally-grown / organic food bolstered. Investors are finding the sector attractive because the farms offer organic vegetables and fruit while using less water and land than traditional agriculture. There is a growing interest in vertical farming worldwide, with massive facilities already operating in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and new projects announced regularly.

A trailblazing global event for vertical farming…onwards & upwards